Editorial Design

Exhibition Catalog

CLIENT: John McNaughton

ROLE: Team Lead + Designer


Emily Lipps

Valerie Francis

Ashley Bahney

Samantha Robbins

Kaitlyn Mckamey

Zoey Buck


John McNaughton is a sculptor and former ly a professor of 35 years at the University of Southern Indiana, Evansville. Ball State University School of Art hosted the show, "John McNaughton: Sculptor," which featured a variety of his work with dates ranging from 1998 to 2018. A majority of his pieces are three-dimensional wooden works. McNaughton requested that Studio 165+ create a show catalog that is simple and showcases his many playful artworks.


The minimalistic aesthetic of the catalog design allows John McNaughton's intricate artworks to command each layout. Ample white space and neutral-colored type compliment the colors used within the works. The main objective was to gracefully capture the details of each work and not to overpower them with the design. The modular grid structure provides a variety of layouts and keeps the viewing experience fresh.

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